Riverstone’s Mission

Have you been dreaming of an educational opportunity for your children, ages 5-18, where they feel safe and excited to learn? Have you been dreaming of a school that allows them to express their individual genius in a holistic, inspirational and experiential environment? Riverstone School offers all of this and more.

Originally formed as an elective-based school, this coming Fall 2018/19 school year Riverstone School is transitioning into a full-time, alternative school that offers foundational learning subjects taught by a Lead Teacher, complete with a variety of electives available for our homeschool community in the afternoons.

At Riverstone, we don’t have textbooks, tests or grades, we believe grades can be degrading; instead, we offer a narrative-based transcript for our children to gauge their progress and to apply for secondary education. Here are a few more bites about our educational model that might spark you to call us and set up a visit: our classrooms are mixed- age; no vaccinations; partially child-driven; maximum of 12 students per classroom; we only serve gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO food.

Riverstone School is offering a new educational philosophy- one we feel is the healthiest, most vibrant learning opportunity for our children. Call us, so we can tell you more! 406-361-0433