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Teepee raising highlights place-based learning at Riverstone

Bitterroot Star, May 31, 2018, written by Michael Howell View the original article here. A teepee raising celebration was held last week at Riverstone School, a holistic, experiential school for ages 5 to 18 located south of Hamilton. The teepee was erected, according to the school’s Executive Director Sarah Southwell, “in honor of Native American […]

Artful Exploration: At Riverstone School a newly-erected teepee represents the intersection of culture, art, and history.

Ravalli Republic, written by Perry Backus, May 25, 2018. View the original article here. After weeks of fundraising, learning, practicing, and painting, students at Riverstone School erect a full-size teepee in honor of Native American culture, Montana history, and the unifying power of art. On Thursday, May 24, a party gathered outside Riverstone School for […]

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